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 "Thank you seems too small a gesture for the gifts you have given us over the years.  The gift of laughter, inquisitiveness, joy and confidence.  Your presence in Loralei's life will be evident for years to come.  Thank you for loving and caring for her like she was your own." - Steve & Missy​

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​​"Miss Laura's" has been a wonderful second home for my daughter Helena.  Helena was undergoing a rough transition this year, it being the first year she was to be cared for without big sis right by her side.  Laura has made her home feel like a second home for Helena, and she makes nutrition important for the kids which I really like.  She also follows whatever requests nutritionally that I have, and she is super careful.  Helena's big sis has a severe peanut allergy, so Laura makes sure Helena never eats peanuts because she doesn't want to risk a problem when the two girls play in the afternoon.  And I Didn't even have to ask her to do that!! That's great!  Helena is really transitioning well and I think that is because of how Laura is helping it to feel like another home. My older daughter even constantly wants to stay with"Miss Laura." - Laura

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Laura's Family Child Care happy children

 "We are very grateful to have found such a wonderful childcare home for our daughter.  Rowan absolutely loves going to 'Miss Laura's' every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  Thank you so much for providing a safe and fun learning environment for our little girl."  - Jessica & David

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 "Thank you wholeheartedly for welcoming Braden into your lives.  We hope you know how much he loves spending his days with you and is often disappointed if it isn't a 'Miss Laura' day!  It is so comforting to know that he is cared for as much as if he was at home with us." - Rebecca & Eddie

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We believe early learning is naturally done best in a comfortable loving home Environment where children can know they're loved and valued. 

Our home is a home away from home! 
At our child care home we believe a child's primary question each day should be 
"what can I learn today?" not "who is going to take care of me today?" 
because when children don't have to worry about this second question, 
they can better focus on the first!   

When children feel secure and know they are loved, valued, and safe, they thrive! 

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