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Together in Child Care
We work to provide a loving, nurturing, clean, safe environment for children.  One where they can thrive, nurture their natural strengths, build positive self-esteem and relationships, and have lots of fun learning about the world around them. 

Our group is small so each child can get the individual attention and care they need. 
Our home does not care for more than 6 children at one time.  We meet each child where they are socially, emotionally, and academically and encourage them to build on strengths. 

We are Learning! 
Educational activities are voluntary because learning should be fun!  Children are welcome to opt for play during educational activities because playing is learning too!  We customize learning for each age group and for each child's individual needs.  Our curriculum focuses on emotional awareness, social skills, early literacy, preschool concepts and kindergarten readiness. 

Our curriculum includes:

*Preschool Activities

*Kindergarten Readiness

*Arts & Crafts

*Music & Dance



​*Outdoor time

*Trips to the park

*Library Storytime

*Picnic & Lunch Outings​

We are Playing! 

We go on regular outings to the park, the library for story time and out for lunch or picnics.  These field trips help break up the monotony that can come from day after day spent at home and provide our group with new and exciting learning opportunities.

We Are a Home AWAY

from Home
Our family child care program is incorporated into our

family home as opposed to being set up in a separate dedicated center.  Our families goal is that children feel that our home is a home away from home.  We believe early learning is naturally done best in a comfortable home environment where children can know they are loved and valued.  We believe when children are able to form an attachment to a consistent reliable provider they can better focus on learning and building positive relationships with their peers.  We believe a child's primary question each day should be "WHAT can I play or learn today?" not "WHO is going to take care of me today?".  When children don't have to worry about this second question, they can better focus on the first!  We want each child to understand they are loved, that God loves them, and that we should be kind to one another. We want each child to know that they are one of a kind, like no one else and have value not because of what they do but because of ​who they are.

We Are a State Licensed

Child Care Home
We are a

Colorado State Licensed

Family Child Care Home because we don't believe there are any short cuts when it comes to caring for children the right way.  Licensing requires family child care homes follow best practices to ensure the health, protection, and safety of each child in care.  Being licensed also allows providers access to resources and services that are not available to unlicensed providers.  Resources that help us stay informed and up to date on the best child care and child development practices.   

Our Licensed Childcare Home offers:​

*A Licensed & Insured Home

​*A Safe & Clean Environment
*FBI & CBI background checked Provider and Spouse
*CPR & First Aid Certified Provider and Spouse

*Provider and Spouse trained in Early Childhood Practices
*Structured Predictable Daily Routines
*Daily Music 

*Daily Literacy Activities

*Outdoor Time
*Age Appropriate Curriculum
*Preschool Activities

*Kindergarten Readiness
​*Nutritious Meals included with Tuition 
​*Limited Screen time
*For more details see our page about ​

Why a Licensed Child Care Home is Different?

About Laura

I am a happy, personable, reliable, caring childcare provider.  I truly enjoy my work and love spending time with my child care kiddo's.  My husband and I have been married for 23 memorable years.  I love peaceful vacations fishing and camping and living in Colorado, the perfect place for both.  ​​I started my home child care business in 2009.  It was about that same time that my husband and I realized our daughters childcare situation was in desperate need of a change...  We are so very grateful for the two women who provided care for our daughter the first year at the childcare center she attended.  In the small nursery with 2 teachers and 4 other infants our child was happy, content, felt safe and secure as she bonded with her caregivers.  This anchor she had with her providers allowed her to have the healthy growth and development all children deserve.  They were reliable, consistent, thoughtful, patient, attentive caregivers.  But when our daughter turned 1 her care changed dramatically.  She was moved to a room with 20 children and 1 teacher for every 10 children.  Over the year in her new classroom she had 3 different teachers.  Between the staff turnover and the child to teacher ratio we knew her needs were not being met.  This experience taught us that quality child care is developed first in continuity of care between children and consistent, thoughtful, patient, attentive caregivers, and secondly in low child to teacher ratios.

Soon after this I was asked by one friend to care for her child, and then I was asked by another friend to care for his child. This chain of events ultimately resulted in our decision to become a licensed family child care home.

Through this I have been able to enrich my child's and others childhood experience and have continued to do so as my own child went off to grade school.  My husband and I both feel grateful to be able to make a positive difference in early childhood care and in the lives of the children in our care.

I want you to know that caring for children is my passion.  I know I am blessed to keep company with the beautiful little visitors who have become an extended part of my family and life.  Providing child care offers so many rewards.  My days are filled with smiles, laughter, and joy.  I feel fortunate to be able to have a positive impact in the lives of the children in my care.​


"A Hundred Years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove ....but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child." -Forest E. Witcraft

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