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Childcare Details: Photo's, Daily Schedule, Field Trips, Date Nights


(In order to protect the privacy of our families, I will not post pictures with children in them.)  




Daily Schedule

7:00-8:30am   Arrivals / Breakfast

Indoor Free Play / Preschool Activities: Morning Greetings / Name Recognition / Calendar / Weather / Numbers / Letters / Colors / Shapes / Craft Project 

9:15-9:30am   Snack

9:30AM-11:15pm   Indoor / Outdoor Play-Structured and Free / 

OR Storytime at the Library / Park

11:15-12:00pm   Lunch

12:00-1:00pm   Indoor Free Play / Group Activity / Storytime

1:00-2:30pm   Quiet Play / Rest 

2:30-3:00pm   Snack

3:00-5:00pm   Free Play Inside and/or Outside / Group Activity / Singing / Dancing / Movement Play / Transition for Pick-ups

Field Trips

We are Playing!  We are Learning!  We go to the park, to library storytimes, and on lunch / picnics outings. This breaks up daily monotony and helps to provide the exciting learning opportunities needed by this age group. 

Field Trip Destinations include:

Library Storytime 
Visits to Area Parks 
Picnics at the Park  
Lunch Out 

More Formal Trips that require a day out, travel, and planning are typically done during school breaks and school in-service days when children are out of school for the day.  These trips will include field trip notices with details and plans beforehand.

Date Night

We offer our families date night hours every month from 5pm to 9pm. We hope this will provide an opportunity for our parents to get some much needed respite while giving their children a comfortable, familiar environment to spend a fun evening with friends. Our theme is Pizza / Game / Movie night on these evenings.  Here are the details: The rate for the evening is $45.  Dinner is served at 6pm.  Cots/rest areas will be made available at 8pm.  Children are welcome to bring and change into PJ’s after dinner.