*For their protection and privacy I do not post pictures with children in them. 

Indoor Play Area 

Outdoor Play Area 

Quiet Area / Media Area

Kid Friendly Bathroom 

​Daily Schedule
*Times are approximate and adjusted when needed for children's needs, field trips and weather. Preschool activities are lighter during summer break. 

7:00-7:30am   Breakfast

7:30-9:00am   Indoor Free Play

9:00-9:15am   Snack


Indoor or Outdoor Play Structured and Free / Home or Library Storytime / Park or Outside Time / Art / Craft / Singing / Dancing / Movement Play / Preschool Concepts / Morning Greetings / Name Recognition / Calendar / Weather / Numbers / Letters / Colors / Shapes

11:00-11:30am   Lunch


Indoor Free Play / Group Activity / Coloring / Letter of the Week / Phonics

12:30-12:45pm  Storytime

12:45-2:45pm   Quiet Time

2:45-3:00pm   Snack


Free Play Inside and/or Outside / Group Activity / Transition for Pick-ups

Field Trips
Parents will be notified of field trip plans at drop off or earlier.

Our regular field trips include:

*Library Storytime

(Avg. 1x week-flu season/activity may suspend visits)

*Visits to Area Parks 

(Avg. 1x week-weather permitting)

*Lunch Out 

(i.e. McDonalds, Burger King-Avg. 1x Quarterly)

*Picnics at the Park


*Regular Field trip outings may not be as frequent during summer break.

For more formal field trips that require a participation fee, (i.e.  Children's Museum), parents will be notified at least 1 week beforehand. 

Date Night
We offer date night childcare hours to our families once a month as late as 10pm.  We hope this will provide an opportunity for our parents to get some much needed respite while giving their children a comfortable, familiar environment to spend a fun evening with friends.  Our theme is Pizza / Game / Movie night on these evenings.  Here are the details: Children must have enrollment paperwork on file in order to participate.  The rate for the evening is $10 an hour.  Pizza dinner is included with fee and served at 6pm.  Cots and rest areas will be made available at 8pm. Children are welcome to bring and change into pajama’s after dinner before movie / game time.

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