Why Licensed Childcare is Different

Laura's Family Child Care

Parents know choosing the right childcare setting and provider is one of the most important things they can do for their child.  Early years are critical for brain development, social emotion growth, growing healthy self-concept, confidence, and character. The right environment and childcare provider can make all the difference.

Why is a Licensed Childcare Home Different? 

Licensed childcare homes are required to follow procedures, regulations, and have policies in place for children's health, protection, and safety.  Here’s some info about what my family and I have done and continue to do on an ongoing basis for our childcare home licensing requirements:

* Before a childcare home can be licensed, all adults in the home must undergo a criminal and child abuse background check, including National FBI, State CBI, and the Central Registry of Child Protection.  My husband and I have undergone 4 background checks all including National FBI, State CBI, and Central Registry of Child Protection, and must do so every 5 years.

* A record must be kept of all visitors and volunteers to a licensed childcare home during business hours.  Our childcare home limits visitors during business hours, and all visitors must sign in and out.

* All family members must receive annual medical exams as required for childcare licensing. 

* Family pets are also required to have regular medical visits and have current vaccinations and to be supervised while around children.

* Licensed childcare home providers must be CPR certified for all ages and First aid certified, and must keep both certifications updated every 2 years.  My husband and I are both CPR / First Aid certified. 

* Medication administration training is required every 3 years to ensure safe medication handling and dosing.

* Annually course on Standard Precautions is required to keep up to date on practices to maintain a healthy environment and preventing disease.  Both my husband and I take this course annually.

* Childcare homes must be inspected by a state licensing specialist and must comply with health and safety regulations.  

* Childcare homes are governed by rules that ensure the health and safety of children (i.e. clean and safe environment, adult supervision, emergency preparedness, and emergency drills).

* Licensed childcare home providers must attend 15 hours of required continuing education each year in childcare subject areas to stay up to date with current information on childcare and early childhood education.  My husband and I both take annual training. 

* Appropriate learning materials must be supplied for every age group out of necessity and as a childcare licensing requirement.

* Outdoor time, literacy activities, and quiet time are all required in a licensed homes daily schedule. 

* We are required to provide nutritious meals.  We use whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables as a regular part of our menu. Children are not allowed sugary drinks. 

* Childcare homes typically have lower child to staff ratio's than centers.  Our home is licensed for 6 full-time children, and 2 school-age children. Our home does not care for more than 6 children at any one time.

* Family childcare home licensing info must be clearly posted for viewing and any adverse actions against a licensed home are reported to parents. 

* Inspection reports, and licensing info are all made available to parents.